A friend of mine, Jim Dorman, spotted this in a licenced grocers in Glasgow’s Southside


Buckfast, a “tonic wine” of some renown in the West of Scotland, is affectionately also known as Electric Soup, or Lekky, and is so potent, encourages such agressive tendencies, and is relatively quite cheap for a potion of such toxic effect, that my local shop actually displays a sign stating that sales are restricted to 2 bottles per customer


I also find it rather amusing that during the summer it is sold chilled


Here’s some more info from Wikipedia
Buckfast Tonic Wine, commonly known as Buckfast or Buckie, is a fortified wine produced by Buckfast Abbey in Devon, south west England.


The wine was first produced in 1890s by the Benedictine monks at Buckfast Abbey using a recipe brought over from France, as indeed is the wine base used today.The wine was originally sold in small quantities by the Abbey itself, as a medicine with the slogan “Three small glasses a day, for good health and lively blood”.


In 1927 the Abbey lost its licence to sell wine, as a result of which the Abbot signed a deal with wine merchants to distribute the wine on the Abbey’s behalf. At the same time, the recipe was changed in order for the wine to appeal to a wider customer base, resulting in increased sales. The modern bottle carries a notice that it does not in fact have tonic properties of the type claimed in the former slogan.


In recent times, Buckfast has achieved a surprising level of popularity within working class and bohemian communities in certain parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Buckfast sold in the Republic of Ireland has a slightly lower alcoholic strength, arrives in a darker bottle, and lacks the vanillin flavouring of the UK version.


Aside from ‘Buckie’, other nicknames include ‘tonic’, ‘commotion lotion’ and ‘wreck-the-hoose juice’. Statistics record that Lanarkshire accounts for around 10% of worldwide sales.

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