Comedian – Artist – Writer


Glasgow – Scotland

stu new


I’m happily married, a keen gardener,

an artist, and musician,

a bookaholic, vegetarian

and mountain bike rider

Yeah … an auld fukken hippy

Thanx for visiting



8 thoughts on “HELLO THERE

  1. Hello Stu
    Big Rab said you were a kindred spirit
    He is right nice to see the younger generation are keeping the cynicism of hypochrisy of politicians to the fore

  2. Hi Stu
    hear you are doing a gig at our championship celebrations
    look forward to meeting you again
    see you sat

  3. Hay stu thought be a film of you doing a gig that be great not seen you on stage since 1985 lol

    it was always a great night all the best stewart

  4. Stu and Margaret, Just a hello ,and a thank you,for giving me shelter and comfort when I was in a bad place.Although we
    went our seperate ways ,Ihave,in my heart ,always cherished our friendship and often think of those long ago days and how sweet you both are.

  5. Hi Stu, just wanted to let you know the audience thought you and the guys were brilliant last night. Thanks for supporting our event and making us all laugh. Amanda Charters (one of the organisers)

    1. Aw, thanx Amanda – how nice of you to say that – well appreciated

      It was a pleasure, and a good gig depends on having a good crowd, and last night’s team were a pure pleasure to entertain

      Do pass on our thanx to all the crowd there for giving us as much back as we gave out

      Great fun

      xxx Ta Amanda!! x

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